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Agtech Boom in St. Louis Opens Fields of Opportunities

Agtech Boom in St. Louis Opens Fields of Opportunities

Last fall, the St. Louis Hispanic Chamber of Commerce invited local businesses to share ideas for how to build connections with agricultural communities in Argentina. The invitation came on the cusp of a weeklong trip organized by St. Louis’ World Trade Center, in which a delegation of local business leaders traveled to the Argentinian cities of Rosario and Buenos Aires to explore business and trade opportunities. During the trip, St. Louis signed a Sister Cities Agreement with Rosario, highlighting a strong agricultural presence as a top similarity between the two cities.

It was exciting news for us at International Language Center in St. Louis, because we translate material related to agriculture, farming and food almost every day.

Missouri has been recognized as a global leader in agtech, and the momentum behind that distinction seems to only get stronger. International companies such as AgIdea are staking their headquarters in St. Louis, because St. Louis sits smack in the middle of the nation’s farm belt and is a hub for big agricultural companies like Bayer (Monsanto) and Bunge.

What is agtech? Simply put, it is an emerging industry where agriculture and technology intersect. According to the Brookings Institution, “no other metro area in the world can boast the scope and expertise of St. Louis’ agtech/food tech sector.”

Recently, Missouri Partnership, an economic development group focused on attracting businesses to Missouri, acknowledged a continued surge in deal activity for agricultural technology in the Midwest – which likely means more agtech companies will set up shop in Missouri. With agricultural giants headquartered in St. Louis, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see many of those deals take place right here, in the agtech hotbed of the U.S.

Every day, research right here in St. Louis is pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology, food production and worldwide plant and food sustainability. But how do scientific breakthroughs and leading agtech solutions get communicated to other parts of world?

When the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce asked for ideas of how to build connections between St. Louis and agricultural communities in Argentina, International Language Center shared the following suggestions. We would be thrilled to offer:

·         A customized “Welcome to St. Louis” cultural class (taught in English, and Spanish if necessary) focusing on the geographical and agricultural features unique to our region

·         Competitive rates for translation needs, including translations of personal documents necessary to live and work in the U.S.

·         Discounted Group English (ESOL) and accent-reduction classes

·         Individual English (ESOL) and accent-reduction classes, tailored to the student’s needs and schedule, including a personalized “Welcome to St. Louis” packet or gift

 But our role as a language service provider could be even bigger than that. As the agtech sector continues to surge in our Midwestern city, International Language Center would love to act as a cultural bridge between Saint Louis and individuals/businesses in Argentina’s agriculture technology sector.  

 Sister cities like St. Louis and Rosario pledge to continually explore economic, educational and/or cultural opportunities that mutually benefit both cities. ILC is ready to do that. We welcome new technologies and ideas to St. Louis from other parts of the world with an open door.


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