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Cross-Cultural Training

The most effective organizations understand and apply the benefits of CROSS-CULTURAL TRAINING to greatly enhance their ability to compete and succeed in the global marketplace.

Understanding different cultures and belief systems can dramatically improve business and personal relationships, foster a deeper trust among partners, avoid embarrassing faux pas, and create a more favorable business outcome for your company. Whether your firm is relocating employees (and their families) overseas or to the United States, or interacting with foreign-born hospital patients, you can rely on BLS’s 40+ years of expertise to provide effective customized cross-cultural training solutions.

Cross-Cultural Training
Global leaders, business executives and relocating employees greatly benefit from Brunetti Language School’s customized Cross-Cultural Training Programs. Training is conducted by one or more consultants who are experts on cross-cultural and cross-lingual issues affecting all facets of intercultural communication. Our Training Seminars are conducted in English, are industry-specific and cover more then 20 Countries including the US for foreign-born nationals.

  • Achieve global competency to enhance decision making and problem solving
  • Enable improved communication and cultural sensitivity
  • Raise global awareness by providing a thorough examination of the target country cultural profile
  • Highlight similarities and differences between the target and home culture
  • Understand how American culture is perceived
  • Avoid stereotyping and cultural faux pas
  • Profession-specific cultural training
  • Relocation Program

Profession-Specific Cultural Training
Brunetti Language School’s Profession-Specific Cultural Training offers a broad understanding of different cultures and belief systems in order to enhance communication, foster good will, increase productivity and avoid cultural pitfalls. This valuable program is highly recommended for Executives, Co-Workers and Medical Professionals working with, or assisting foreign-born nationals. Specialized training is available for Medical Doctors and Nurses, as well as Restaurant, Landscaping, Hospitality Industry and Manufacturing Executives.

BLS’s Profession-Specific Cultural Training is customized to meet the client’s specific needs and goals and includes a list of industry specific commonly used foreign words and sentences.

Conversely, BLS can provide a basic cost-effective Language/Cultural Course integrating English language and cultural elements for foreign-born employees. The goal of this program is to enhance communication and clarify expectations in order to increase productivity and morale as well as lower absenteeism.

Relocation Program
According to The Wall Street Journal, it costs nearly a million dollars to relocate an employee and his family overseas, further, many such relocation efforts fail within one year of implementation. With such staggering numbers, investing in Cross-Cultural Training Programs for the employee and his/her family makes clear economic sense.

ILC’s interactive programs, conducted by one or more target-country native cultural experts, offer an in-depth understanding of the business, belief system and cultural facets of the host country.

For further information, please call BLS @ 314-646-1000.
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